Young Venezuelan women escaped from a sex trafficking network in Trinidad and Tobago

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Through a press release issued by Venezuela’s Public Ministry (MP) it was learned that four women and an adolescent escaped from a human trafficking network in Trinidad and Tobago.

By La Patilla – Víctor Federico González

Aug 10, 2022

The situation transpired after a boat arrived with 56 Venezuelans on August 4th at the Port of Güiria in the Valdez Municipality of Sucre State. Those affected filed the complaint that resulted in the arrest of two women and two men who are allegedly responsible for contacting them via social networks to offer them work. However, they were tricked and taken to Trinidad and Tobago to be sexually exploited.

“It was specified that once in the country, they were forced to do sex work and pay ransom money in local currency in exchange for their freedom, which was equivalent to 4 thousand US dollars,” said the MP.

The four detainees were charged with the crimes of human trafficking and criminal association, for which the 1st Control Court of Carúpano issued a custodial measure for Jhender Eduardo Carrero (27), Alexandra del Valle Marcano (20), Leoximar Lucía Bacaz (21) and Luiving Adelfo Mora (19), who are being held at the regional police headquarters.

It is worth mentioning that up to the end of July, 36 women of this eastern state and victims of this scourge were received in a temporary home of “Cáritas Carúpano” in Güiria, according to figures offered by the director of the organization, Father Jesús Villarroel.

He explained that these women were between 14 and 35 years old, and were ensnared by people who they met through social networks. At this time, Father Villarroel stressed that there they offer the first psychological, medical and legal attention to the victims.

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